NSX Advanced Load Balancer supports VLAN trunking on baremetal servers. If the Controller is deployed on a bare metal server, the individual physical links of the server can be configured to support 802.1q-tagged VLANs. Each VLAN interface has its own IP address. Multiple VLAN interfaces per physical link are supported.

The NSX Advanced Load Balancer also supports VLAN interface configuration on Linux server cloud. The steps to configure a VLAN interface on a bare metal server are:


  1. Navigate to Infrastructure, and click Service Engine (SE) where the VLAN interface is to be created. Click Edit button to edit the details.

  2. Click Create VLAN Interface.
  3. Select the parent interface from the drop-down menu, fill in the VLAN and IP Address fields and click Save. The VLAN interface appears on the Service Engine Edit page.
  4. Click Save option to commit the change.