NSX Advanced Load Balancer supports DPDK on AWS native AMI SE is available at the SE level.

The following options are available under the SE Group boot-up properties for the DPDK support:

  • se_dpdk_pmd: This configuration knob enables the DPDK mode when the value of the se_dpdk_pmd parameter is set to 1.

  • max_queues_per_vnic: The max_queues_per_vnic parameter in SE-group properties allows configuring the maximum number of queues per dispatcher.

  • DPDK is disabled by default.

  • DPDK is supported on AWS instances that support the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). For detailed information on the max_queues_per_vnic option, see the Multiple Queues per Dispatcher topic in the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Configuration Guide.

  • The DPDK is enabled by default if the instance type supports ENA.

  • For the Controller migrated from any version < 20.1.1 to 20.1.1, DPDK is disabled. This is because it is a change in behaviour for the Controllers with respect to the performance numbers. But, for new SE group ENA-supported instances, DPDK will be enabled by default, and if the instance does not support ENA, the SE group switches automatically to PCAP mode. The se_dpdk_pmd in SE group will be 0, which is auto mode, for all new SE group.