This section explains the properties and commands of SE PCAP file rotation.

The following are the properties of SE-level PCAP file rotation:

  • file_count under the capture param knob can be used to turn on the file rotation of the pcap file.

  • file_count greater than one indicates that the file rotation is on.

  • With the file rotation on, the latest configured_pcap_file_size of data will be present in the captured file.

  • With the file rotation off, the configured_pcap_file_size of data from the time of capture start will be captured.

The following are the CLI commands under SE PCAP file rotation.

[admin:ctrl]: > debug serviceengine
[admin:ctrl]: debugserviceengine> capture_params
[admin:ctrl]: debugserviceengine:capture_params> file_count 2
[admin:ctrl]: debugserviceengine:capture_params> save
[admin:ctrl]: debugserviceengine> save

Downloading Packet Capture for SE PCAPs

You can gather SE PCAPs from the Controller from /var/lib/avi/se-pcap path. Use the following code to download packet capture for SE PCAPs.

scp /var/lib/avi/se-pcap/se*.pcap [email protected]:/tmp