Follow the same steps as of GSLB Site 1 to configure local load balancing on the other data center (GSLB Site 2).

Configure GSLB Service

To configure the GSLB service,

  1. Go to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer leader site.

  2. Navigate to Applications > GSLB Services.

  3. Click Create > Advanced Setup.

  4. Enter the required details in the New GSLB Service window.


    You can choose any health monitor as per your requirement.

  5. Click Add Pool.

  6. In the New pool screen, add the pool members: UAG virtual service from both the sites by clicking Add Pool Member.

  7. Select Round Robin as Pool Members Load Balancing Algorithm.

  8. Click Done and Save.

For more information, see Configuration Changes on UAG Servers and Known Issues.