This guide provides an overview of NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Console.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer with Cloud Console provides multi-cloud load balancing, web application firewall, application analytics and container services from the data center to the cloud with enhanced operations delivered through SaaS. The solution can be deployed on premises and/ or in the Cloud and has three main components:

Software Control Plane ( NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller):

Responsible for placement of the Service Engines, elasticity, scale, automation, analytics, resiliency and more.

Software Data Plane ( NSX Advanced Load Balancer Service Engine):

Provide the data plane functionality for local and global load balancing, application security, container ingress services, IPAM and DNS and more.

Cloud Console ( NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Console):

Enables SaaS capabilities to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployments simplifying customer's operations and enabling advanced security to workloads.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Console Features

The following are the features of Cloud Console:

Central Licensing:

Enables zero-touch capacity management and Cloud bursting for globally distributed NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployments.

Proactive Support:

Enables a zero-touch support experience by monitoring NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployments and creating VMware support cases automatically upon detecting issues.

Live Security Threat Intelligence:

Provides multiple live security feeds, for instance, WAF, BOT, IP Reputation, and so on to distributed, disparate environments to protect applications against threats that evolve in real-time.