Cloud Service Manager (CSM) is a management endpoint that handles public cloud-specific constructs.

You can perform the following tasks in CSM:

  • Add an AWS Account: You must add at least one AWS account in CSM to be able to use NSX for VMs in your compute VPC. You can add multiple AWS accounts. After the successful addition of AWS account(s), the VPC(s) and EC2 Instances (workload VMs) hosted in your AWS account(s) become available in CSM.

  • Deploy/Undeploy NSX Cloud Gateway (CGW) on compute VPCs: You can deploy one or two (for High Availability) CGW per VPC. You can also undeploy CGW from CSM.

  • Quarantine VPCs: You can enable or disable Quarantine Policy on VPCs.

  • Switch between Grid and Card view: The cards display an overview of your inventory. The grid displays more details. Click the icons to switch between the view types.

CSM provides a holistic view of all your AWS accounts that you have connected with NSX Cloud by presenting your VPC inventory in different ways:

  • You can view the number of regions you are operating in.

  • You can view the number of VPCs per region.

  • You can view the number of EC2 instances per VPC.

There are four tabs under Cross-Cloud.