Add your AWS account using the ARN information generated by the JSON template provided by NSX Cloud.


  1. In NSX Cloud: From the NSX Cloud dashboard, copy the JSON template URL from the Resources tile.
  2. Switch to your AWS account to do the following:
    1. Create a new Stack in the CloudFormation service.
    2. Select the checkbox on the Review screen acknowledging that AWS might create IAM resources with custom names.

    3. Click Create. The NSX Cloud JSON template creates three identifiers that are needed to add this account in CSM. This process takes some time to finish.
    4. Click on the Outputs tab when the creation process completes.
    5. Make a note of the values for IAMRoleARN, ExternalID, and GatewayRoleName.

    You have the option to use your AWS account’s Access Key and Secret Key for adding it into CSM, but it is not recommended because of security concerns.

  3. Switch to CSM to do the following:
    1. Click Cross-Cloud > Accounts > (+) Add AWS Account.
    2. Enter the following details on this screen:



      Account Name

      Provide a descriptive name for this AWS VPC

      IAM Role ARN

      Use the value generated from the AWS Stack

      External ID

      Use the value generated from the AWS Stack

      Gateway Role Name

      Use the value generated from the AWS Stack

    3. Click Save.


The AWS account gets added in CSM.

In the VPCs tab of CSM, you can view all the VPCs in your AWS account.

In the Instances tab of CSM, you can view the EC2 Instances in this VPC.

What to do next

Step 2: Configure your AWS Compute VPC