Your AWS compute VPC needs specific configurations for NSX Cloud.

About this task

You can use the CloudFormation template linked from the NSX Cloud Dashboard's Resources tile, to create a compute VPC with all the basic settings required for NSX Cloud. The CloudFormation template creates the following:

  • six subnets for supporting PCG with High Availability

  • an Internet gateway (IGW)

  • a private and a public route table

  • subnet association with route tables

  • DNS resolution and DNS hostnames enabled.

The following steps provide information on these configurations and how you can set them yourself in AWS.


  1. Assuming your VPC uses a /16 network, for each gateway that needs to be deployed, set up three subnets.

    If using High Availability, set up three additional subnets in a different Availability Zone.

    • Management subnet: This subnet is used for NSX management of CGW. The recommended range is /24.

    • Uplink subnet: This subnet is used for North-South internet traffic. The recommended range is /24.

    • Downlink subnet: This subnet encompasses the workload VM's IP address range, and should be sized accordingly. Bear in mind that you may need to incorporate additional interfaces on the workload VMs for debugging purposes.


    Label the subnets appropriately, for example, management-subnet, uplink-subnet, downlink-subnet,because you will need to select the subnets when deploying PCG on this VPC.

  2. Ensure you have an Internet gateway (IGW) that is attached to this VPC.
  3. Ensure the routing table for the VPC has the Destination set to and the Target is the IGW attached to the VPC.
  4. Ensure you have DNS resolution and DNS hostnames enabled for this VPC.

What to do next

Step 3: Deploy the Public Cloud Gateway on the AWS Compute VPC