You can undeploy PCG from a VPC, but remember to delete all logical entities associated with it first.

Undeploying PCG

To undeploy PCG, click Undeploy Gateway from the VPC. The default entities created by NSX Cloud are removed automatically when a PCG is undeployed.

Delete all the logical entities you created in NSX Manager before undeploying the gateway. Refer to the list below to find your entities to delete:

  • AWS: DNS entry in route 53

  • DDI: DHCP profile

  • Routing: SNAT rule

  • Routing: static Router

  • Routing: Logical Router Port

  • Routing: Logical Router

  • Fabric-Nodes: Edge Cluster

  • Fabric-Nodes: Transport Nodes

  • Fabric-Nodes: Edges

  • Fabric-Profiles: PCG-Uplink-HostSwitch-Profile

  • Switching: Logical Switch ports

  • Switching: Logical Switches

  • Fabric-Transport Zones: Transport Zones

  • Switching: PublicCloud-Global-SpoofGuardProfile