In an environment with Kubernetes already installed, installing and configuring NCP typically involve the following steps. To perform the steps successfully, you must be familiar with NSX-T Data Center and Kubernetes installation and administration.

  1. Install NSX-T Data Center.
  2. Create an overlay transport zone.
  3. Create an overlay logical switch and connect the Kubernetes nodes to the switch.
  4. Create a tier-0 logical router.
  5. Create IP blocks for Kubernetes pods.
  6. Create IP pools for SNAT (source network address translation).
  7. Install NSX CNI (container network interface) plug-in on each node.
  8. Install OVS (Open vSwitch) on each node.
  9. Configure NSX-T networking for Kubernetes nodes.
  10. Install NSX node agent as a DaemonSet.
  11. Install NCP as a ReplicationController.
  12. Mount security certificates in the NCP pod.