To install an OpenShift cluster, follow the instructions in the official Redhat OpenShift documentation.

You can find the documentation at

An example of install-config.yaml:
apiVersion: v1 
baseDomain: yasen.local 
- hyperthreading: Enabled 
  name: worker 
  replicas: 0 
  hyperthreading: Enabled 
  name: master 
  replicas: 3 
  name: ocp 
  networkType: ncp 
  - cidr: 
    hostPrefix: 23 
    vcenter: vc.yasen.local 
    username: administrator@yasen.local 
    password: VMware1! 
    datacenter: Datacenter1 
    defaultDatastore: NFS 
pullSecret: '' 
sshKey: 'ssh-rsa xxxx' 

Make sure that networkType is set to ncp (case sensitive) and cidr is set to the desired subnet.

Following the OpenShift installation instructions, you will need to copy the content of nsx-container-plugin-operator/deploy to the <installation_directory>/manifests folder and then generate ignition-configs.

To generate manifests, run the following command:
$ ./openshift-install create manifests --dir=<installation_directory>
To copy the NCP Network Operator YAML files to the manifests folder, run the following command:
$ cp nsx-container-plugin-operator/deploy/*.yaml <installation_directory>/manifests
To generate ignition-configs, run the following command:
$ ./openshift-install create ignition-configs --dir=<installation_directory>

Using DDNS with OpenShift nodes

You can use DDNS with OpenShift nodes running CoreOS. When nsx-ovs container runs, it stops the active connection on the host that is using DHCP and clones a new connection from it with “NSX ” prepended to the existing connection name. This NSX connection has the IP configuration of dynamic IP information (address, gateway, DNS, and domain) from the original connection. A new DHCP client is started inside the container to maintain and renew the lease. If DNS or the domain name changes while nsx-ovs is running, it exits and restarts. This is done so that the IP information is obtained first by NetworkManager and then by nsx-ovs. The NSX connection properties cannot be overridden while it is active.