VMware NSX Container Plugin | 7 March 2024 | Build 23300461

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What's New

NSX Container Plugin is an update release that resolves issues found in earlier releases. For other details about this release, see NSX Container Plugin 4.1.0 Release Notes and the release notes of previous 4.1.1.x releases.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue 3332908: NCP deletes existing load balancer configurations when there is a capacity error for virtual server creation

    When NCP fails to attach a virtual server to a load balancer because of a lack of edge capacity, NCP will roll back and also delete the existing virtual server for the same Kubernetes service. Previously working virtual servers will stop working, and NCP may still fail to create virtual server.

    Workaround: Use the following NSX API on the tier-1 logical router to reallocate the size of the load balancer. NCP will recover the load balancer configurations for the Kubernetes service automatically.

    POST /api/v1/logical-routers/<logical-router-id>?action=reallocate
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