VMware NSX Container Plugin | 25 January 2024 | Build 23049151

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What's New

NSX Container Plugin is an update release that resolves issues found in earlier releases. For other details about this release, see the NSX Container Plugin 4.1.1 Release Notes.

  • Support for creating new clusters in TAS in Manager mode.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue 3305356 - Kubernetes LoadBalancer service is not accessible after being created

    When a Kubernetes LoadBalancer service is created, NCP will create a load balancer pool and update Virtual Server with the load balancer pool in NSX. On rare occasions, the load balancer pool may be deleted by the garbage collection process by mistake. The log will have an error message similar to the following:

    The HTTP request returned error code 404, whereas 201/200 response codes were expected. 
    Response body {'httpStatus': 'NOT_FOUND', 'error_code': 600, 'module_name': 'common-services', 
    'error_message': 'The requested object : LoadBalancerPool/a4344f88-4c3a-4a6b-907e-bb15364bb7c4 could not be found.
    Object identifiers are case sensitive.'}

    Workaround: If the NSX version is 4.1.1 or later, use the Manager API "PUT /api/v1/loadbalancer/virtual-servers/<uuid>" to remove the invalid poolId in the virtual server. If the NSX version is earlier than 4.1.1, see the KB article KB 90660 for the recovery steps.

  • Issue 3310860 - UDP connections with the same source port may fail when endpoints of clusterIP Service restart

    If a client sends UDP requests to a clusterIP Service with the same source port, sometimes the connection may fail when endpoints of the service get restarted.

    Workaround: Flush the connection track cache to remove stale entries.

    In a TKGi environment, run the following command:

    sudo chroot /var/vcap/data/nsx-node-agent/rootfs sh -c "ovs-appctl dpctl/flush-conntrack"

    In an OpenShift or vanilla Kubernetes environment, run the following command inside the nsx-ovs container:

    kubectl exec -n nsx-system -it <nsx-node-agent pod> bash -c nsx-ovs -- ovs-appctl dpctl/flush-conntrack
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