During host preparation the secondary NSX Manager installs NSX kernel modules on ESXi hosts that are members of vCenter clusters, and builds the NSX control-plane and management-plane fabric. NSX kernel modules packaged in VIB files run within the hypervisor kernel and provide services such as distributed routing, distributed firewall, and VXLAN bridging capabilities.


For details on prerequisites for host preparation, see Prepare Hosts on the Primary NSX Manager


  1. Log in to the vCenter linked to the secondary NSX Manager and navigate to Home > Networking & Security > Installation and select the Host Preparation tab..

    If your vCenters are in Enhanced Linked Mode, you can configure the secondary NSX Manager from any linked vCenter. Navigate to the Host Preparation tab, and select the secondary NSX Manager from the drop-down menu.

  2. For each cluster, click Install.

    While the installation is in progress, do not deploy, upgrade, or uninstall any service or component.

  3. Monitor the installation until the Installation Status column displays a green check mark.

    If the Installation Status column displays a red warning icon and says Not Ready, click Resolve. Clicking Resolve might result in a reboot of the host. If the installation is still not successful, click the warning icon. All errors are displayed. Take the required action and click Resolve again.