You can send a synchronization request from NSX Manager to NSX Edge.

Force sync is used when you need to synchronize the edge configuration as known to the NSX manager to all of the components.


For 6.2 and later, force sync avoids data loss for east-west routing traffic, however, north-south routing and bridging may experience an interruption.

Force sync results in the following actions:

  • Edge appliances are rebooted, and the latest configuration is applied

  • The connection to the host is closed

  • If the NSX manager is primary or stand alone, and the edge is a logical distributed router, then the controller cluster is synced

  • A message is sent to all relevant hosts to sync the distributed router instance


In a cross-vCenter NSX environment, it is required that theNSX Edge instance be force synced first on the primary NSX manager and after that is complete, force sync theNSX Edge instance on secondary NSX managers.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security and then click NSX Edges.
  3. Select an NSX Edge instance.
  4. Click the More Actions (More Actions icon) icon and select Force Sync.