This example describes how to remove a 3rd-party integration solution from NSX.

There is a correct order of software when removing any 3rd-party software solution.


  1. In the Sphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > Service Composer, and delete the rules (or security polices) that are redirecting traffic to the 3rd-party solution.
  2. Navigate to Service Definitions and double-click the name of the 3rd-party solution.
  3. Click Related Objects and delete the related objects.
  4. Navigate to Installation > Service Deployments and delete the 3rd-party deployment.

    This action uninstalls the associated VMs.

  5. Return to Service Definitions and delete any sub-components of the definition.
  6. In the service instance, delete the service profile.
  7. Delete the service instance.
  8. Delete the service definition.


The 3rd-party integration solution is removed from NSX.

What to do next

Make notes of the configuration settings, and then remove NSX from the 3rd-party solution. For example, you may need to delete rules that reference other objects and then delete the objects.