The policy identifies documents and transmissions that contain New Zealand Health Practitioner Index (HPI) or National Health Index (NHI) numbers.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health, or Manatū Hauora in Māori, is the New Zealand government's principal agent and advisor on health and disability. The agency uses the NHI numbering system for registering patients and the HPI system for registering medical practitioners to ensure that records are accurate while protecting the privacy of individuals. This policy detects 6-digit alphanumeric New Zealand Health Practitioner Index Common Person numbers (HPI-CPN), which uniquely identify a health practitioner or worker. This policy also detects 7-digit NHI numbers used to uniquely identify a patient within the New Zealand health system.

The policy looks for a match to either of the content blades:

  • New Zealand Health Practitioner Index Number

  • New Zealand National Health Index Number