Knowledge of the components used in the preparation of NSX is important for identifying and resolving common issues.

NSX Infrastructure Preparation Components

  • vSphere ESX Agent Manager (EAM)

  • NSX Manager

  • Controller cluster (if using unicast, hybrid mode or distributed logical routing)

  • VTEP (ESXi hypervisor)

  • User world agents (UWA)

  • vSphere distributed switch

The control-plane communication between NSX Manager and ESXi hypervisor hosts is provided by a RabbitMQ-based messaging service. The control-plane communication between the Controller cluster and ESXi hypervisor hosts depends on a netcpa userworld agent that runs on hosts as a client.

Figure 1. High-Level View of Components and Their Communication

Tips for Successful Infrastructure Preparation

The VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes website provides information about NSX compatibility and version requirements. See

Make sure you are using vSphere distributed switch release 5.5 or later.

Use separate DVSs for management, services, and gateway.

Be mindful of which NIC teaming method you use when using blades. The chassis switch supports the minimum set.

When installing, make sure that the Controller Cluster is deployed and in the all-green state before proceeding to host preparation.

When upgrading, make sure that the Controllers are connected and in the all-green state before upgrading. See the NSX Upgrade Guide.