You can use the UI to do some load balancer troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting is not working as expected.


  1. Validate the configuration through the UI.
  2. Check the pool member status through the UI.
  3. Ensure that the default HTTP/HTTPS ports 80/443 are not used by other services (for example, SSL VPN).
  4. Check the configuration for member ports and a monitor ports.

    An incorrect configuration can cause a health-check failure.

  5. If you are using a Layer 4 load balancer engine make sure:
    1. The traffic is using the TCP protocol.
    2. No persistence or Layer 7 settings are configured.
    3. Enable Acceleration is set to true in the load balancer global configuration.
  6. If the pool is in transparent (inline) mode, make sure the Edge is in the return path. The Edge might be outside the return path if the default gateway of the virtual workload is pointing to an ESG other than the load-balancer ESG.