After the upgrade is complete, follow these steps.


  1. Create a current backup of the NSX Manager after the upgrade.
  2. Check that VIBs have been installed on the hosts.

    NSX installs these VIBs:

    esxcli software vib get --vibname esx-vxlan
    esxcli software vib get --vibname esx-vsip

    If Guest Introspection has been installed, also check that this VIB is present on the hosts:

    esxcli software vib get --vibname epsec-mux
  3. Resynchronize the host message bus. VMware advises that all customers perform resync after an upgrade.

    You can use the following API call to perform the resynchronization on each host.

    URL : https://<nsx-mgr-ip>/api/4.0/firewall/forceSync/<host-id>
    HTTP Method : POST 
    Authorization : base64encoded value of username password
    Accept : application/xml
    Content-Type : application/xml