If you deploy an NSX Controller cluster, you do not have to rely on multicast for logical networks. You can update the control plane mode on your transport zones and logical switches to unicast or hybrid.

The change of control plane mode and migration of existing logical switches has no impact on the networking data plane traffic.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Home > Networking & Security > Installation > Logical Network Preparation > Transport Zones.
  2. Select your transport zone, and click Actions > Edit Settings. Select the desired replication mode.
    • Multicast: Multicast IP addresses in the physical network are used for the control plane. This mode is recommended only when you are upgrading from older VXLAN deployments. Requires PIM/IGMP in the physical network.

    • Unicast: The control plane is handled by an NSX controller. All unicast traffic leverages optimized headend replication. No multicast IP addresses or special network configuration is required.

    • Hybrid: Offloads local traffic replication to the physical network (L2 multicast). This requires IGMP snooping on the first-hop switch and access to an IGMP querier in each VTEP subnet, but does not require PIM. The first-hop switch handles traffic replication for the subnet.

  3. Select the check box for Migrate existing Logical Switches to the new control plane mode and click OK.

What to do next

Upgrade vShield App to Distributed Firewall.