The version of vCloud Director will determine the version of NSX you can upgrade to. VMware recommends upgrading to the latest supported NSX version that is compatible with the other solutions and tools in your environment.

See the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix at

To upgrade to NSX, you must upgrade the vCloud Networking and Security components in the order in which they are documented in this guide.

vCloud Networking and Security components must be upgraded in the following order:

  1. Upgrade vShield Manager to NSX Manager

  2. Deploy NSX Controller cluster - optional, required for logical (distributed) routers and changing control plane mode to hybrid or unicast

  3. Update host clusters

  4. Update Transport Zone - optional, if NSX Controller cluster is deployed, can change control plane mode to hybrid or unicast

  5. NSX Edge - upgrade to NSX Edge only if you are using vCloud Director 8.10 or later.


If you have virtual wires in your environment, once you have upgraded to NSX Manager you must update your host clusters.

Optional vCloud Networking and Security components not integrated with vCloud Director:

  1. vShield App - see Upgrade vShield App to Distributed Firewall

  2. vShield Endpoint - see Upgrade vShield Endpoint to NSX Guest Introspection.

  3. vShield Data Security - does not support upgrade. See uninstall instructions: NSX Services That Do Not Support Direct Upgrade and installation instructions: Install NSX Data Security.