You must prepare your environment for network virtualization by installing network infrastructure components on a per-cluster level for each vCenter server. This deploys the required software on all hosts in the cluster and renames virtual wires to NSX logical switches. During this process, each host in the cluster receives a software update and is then rebooted.

If you have virtual wires in your environment, once you have upgraded to NSX Manager you must update your host clusters.

It is recommended that you update host clusters in a datacenter maintenance window.

While the upgrade is in progress, do not deploy, upgrade, or uninstall any service or component.

When you install or upgrade NSX, it will automatically try to put each host into maintenance mode and reboot it. This is not recommended in vCloud Director environments.

Instead, you should upgrade the VIBs on each cluster, but do not click Resolve. You must disable the host in vCloud Director before entering maintenance mode and rebooting.


VTEPs that were created in vCloud Networking and Security use DHCP or manually assigned IP addresses, not IP pools.