You can back up vShield Manager data at any time by performing an on-demand backup.


  1. Click Settings & Reports from the vShield Manager inventory panel.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Click Backups.
  4. (Optional) Select the Exclude System Events check box if you do not want to back up system event tables.
  5. (Optional) Select the Exclude Audit Logs check box if you do not want to back up audit log tables.
  6. Type the Host IP Address of the system where the backup will be saved.
  7. Type the Host Name of the backup system.
  8. Type the User Name required to log in to the backup system.
  9. Type the Password associated with the user name for the backup system.
  10. In the Backup Directory field, type the absolute path where backups are to be stored.
  11. Type a text string in Filename Prefix.

    This text is prepended to the backup filename for easy recognition on the backup system. For example, if you type ppdb, the resulting backup is named as ppdbHH_MM_SS_DayDDMonYYYY.

  12. Enter a Pass Phrase to secure the backup file.

    In vCloud Networking and Security, a pass phrase was optional. In NSX, it is required.

  13. From the Transfer Protocol drop-down menu, select either SFTP or FTP.
  14. Click Backup.

    Once complete, the backup appears in a table below this forms.

  15. Click Save Settings to save the configuration.


Note that if all of your backups are saved in a single directory, you might experience issues viewing backups. A best practice is to occasionally move backup files to an archive folder.