Before beginning the upgrade, it is important to test the vCloud Networking and Security working state. Otherwise, you will not be able to determine if any post-upgrade issues were caused by the upgrade process or if they preexisted the upgrade process.

Do not assume everything is working before you start to upgrade the vCloud Networking and Security infrastructure. Make sure to check it first.

You can use the following procedure as a pre-upgrade checklist.


  1. Identify administrative user IDs and passwords.
  2. Verify that forward and reverse name resolution is working for all components.
  3. Verify you can log in to all vSphere and vShield components.
  4. Note the current versions of vShield Manager, vCenter Server, and ESXi.
  5. Visually inspect the vShield environment to make sure all status indicators are green, normal, or deployed.
  6. Verify that syslog is configured.
  7. Verify that the partner solution is functioning.

    For example, you can use the EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File for testing anti-virus functionality:

  8. (Optional) If you have a test environment, test the upgrade and post-upgrade functionality before upgrading a production environment.