If you have Data Security in your environment, uninstall it before upgrading to NSX.

As of NSX 6.2.3, the NSX Data Security feature has been deprecated. In NSX 6.2.3, you can continue to use this feature at your discretion, but be aware that this feature will be removed from NSX in a future release.


  1. From the vShield Manager 5.5 inventory panel, expand the Datacenters folder and navigate to a host where vShield Data Security is installed.
  2. On each host where vShield Data Security is installed, complete these steps to uninstall it.
    1. Click the host, and in the Summary tab, in the vShield Host Preparation pane, click the Uninstall link for vShield Data Security.
    2. In the Select Services to Uninstall pane verify that vShield Data Security is selected, and click the Uninstall button.

      vShield Data Security is uninstalled and the vShield Host Preparation pane shows the status as Not Installed.