John Admin must specify the segment ID pool he received to isolate Company ABC's network traffic.


  1. John Admin verifies that dvSwitch1 and dvSwitch2 are VMware distributed switches version 5.5.

  2. John Admin sets the Managed IP address for the vCenter Server.

    1. Select Administration > vCenter Server Settings > Runtime Settings.

    2. In vCenter Server Managed IP, type

    3. Click OK.

  3. John Admin installs the network virtualization components on Cluster1 and Cluster 2. See NSX Installation Guide.

  4. John Admin gets a segment ID pool (5000 - 5250) from ACME's NSX Manager administrator. Since he is leveraging the NSX controller, he does not require multicast in his physical network.

  5. John Admin creates an IP pool so that he can assign a static IP address to the VXLAN VTEPs from this IP pool. See Add an IP Pool.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, click Networking & Security > Installation.
  2. Click the Logical Network Preparation tab and then click Segment ID.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In Segment ID pool, type 5000 - 5250.
  5. Do not select Enable multicast addressing.
  6. Click OK.