NSX checks on the status of communication between NSX Manager and firewall agent, NSX Manager and control plane agent, and control plane agent and controllers.

You can also view Communication Channel Health on the dashboard at Networking & Security > Dashboard in the Fabric Status section.


  1. Navigate to Networking & Security > Installation and Upgrade > Host Preparation.
  2. Complete the following steps to view the health of the communication channels.
    NSX Version Procedure
    NSX 6.4.1 and later
    1. Click a cluster from the left pane. In the right pane, the hosts in the selected cluster are displayed in the Hosts table.
    2. In the Communications Channels column of the Hosts table, click the status icon.
    NSX 6.4.0
    1. Expand the cluster that contains the host for which you want to view the communication channel health.
    2. Click the host, and then click Actions > Communication Channel Health.
    A pop-up window displays the health status of the following communication channels:
    • NSX Manager to Firewall Agent
    • NSX Manager to Control Plane Agent
    • Control Plane Agent to Controller