You can configure external DNS servers on an NSX Edge. The edge forwards DNS requests from client applications to the DNS servers to resolve a network name. The edge can also cache the response that it receives from the DNS servers. DNS service is supported on an Edge Services Gateway, DLR, and UDLR in a Cross-vCenter NSX environment.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security > NSX Edges.
  3. Double-click an NSX Edge.
  4. Navigate to edit DNS configuration settings.
    Version Procedure
    NSX 6.4.4 and later
    1. Click Manage > DNS.
    2. Next to DNS Configuration, click Change.
    NSX 6.4.3 and earlier
    1. Click Manage > Settings > Configuration.
    2. In the DNS Configuration pane, click Change.
  5. Click Enable DNS Service.
  6. Enter the IP address of one or both the DNS servers.
  7. Change the default cache size, if necessary. The default size is 16 MB.
  8. To log DNS traffic, click Enable Logging, and select the log level. Default log level is info.
    Generated logs are sent to the syslog server.
  9. Click Save or OK.