You can export a security policy configuration and save it to your desktop. The saved configuration can be used as a backup for situations where you may accidentally delete a policy configuration, or it can be exported for use in another NSX Manager environment.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > Security > Service Composer.
  2. Click the Security Policies tab.
  3. Select the security policy that you want to export.
  4. Click More or Actions, and then click Export Configuration.
  5. Type a name and description for the configuration that you are exporting.
  6. If necessary, type a prefix to be added to the security policies and security groups that are being exported.
    If you specify a prefix, it is added to the target security policy names thus ensuring that they have unique names.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Select Security Policies page, select the security policy that you want to export and click Next.
  9. The Preview Selection or Ready to complete page displays the security policies, endpoint services, firewall rules, and network introspection services to be exported.
    This page also displays the security groups on which the security policies are applied.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Select the directory on your computer where you want to export the blueprint file and click Save.
    The security policy configuration file is saved at the specified location.