You can use a third-party load balancer to balance the traffic for a specific NSX Edge.


The third-party load balancer must be registered with NSX Manager, and it must be deployed in NSX.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > NSX Edges.
  2. Double-click an NSX Edge.
  3. Click Manage and then click the Load Balancer tab.
  4. Click Edit next to Load balancer global configuration.
  5. Select Enable Load Balancer and Enable Service Insertion.
  6. In Service Definition, select the appropriate partner load balancer.
  7. In Service Configuration, select the appropriate service configuration.
  8. Complete the remaining fields and set up the load balancer by adding a service monitor, server pool, application profile, application rules, and a virtual server. When adding a virtual server, select the template provided by the vendor. For more information, see Setting Up Load Balancing.


Traffic for the specified Edge is load balanced by the third party vendor's management console.