You can add custom widgets to the dashboard using the REST API. You can create five custom widgets for your personal viewing in the dashboard.

You can also share the custom widgets with other users by setting the shared parameter as true in the widget configuration. Maximum limit on shared widgets is 10. It means that the total number of widgets shared by all the users is limited to 10.

Custom Widgets APIs

Use the following APIs to view, create, modify, and delete the custom widgets on your dashboard:

  • To view information about a specific widget configuration: Use the GET /api/2.0/services/dashboard/ui-views/dashboard/widgetconfigurations/<widgetconfiguration-id> API .
  • To create a custom widget: Use the POST /api/2.0/services/dashboard/ui-views/dashboard/widgetconfigurations API .
  • To modify the existing widget configuration: Use the PUT /api/2.0/services/dashboard/ui-views/dashboard/widgetconfigurations/<widgetconfiguration-id> API .
  • To delete the custom widget created earlier: Use the DELETE /api/2.0/services/dashboard/ui-views/dashboard/widgetconfigurations/<widgetconfiguration-id> API.

For more information on API, refer to NSX API Guide.