You can disable the already enabled Controller Disconnected Operation (CDO) mode when the connectivity issues with the secondary site are resolved. CDO mode remains disabled by default.


  1. Navigate to Networking & Security > Installation and Upgrade > Management > NSX Managers.
  2. Select the required NSX Manager.
  3. Click Actions > Disable CDO mode.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. Click Yes.
    CDO mode is disabled for the selected NSX Manager.


The CDO Mode column displays State as Disabled and Status as Successful.

NSX Manager removes the CDO logical switch from the controller. To verify whether the CDO logical switch is removed, log in to the NSX Manager CLI as an admin user, and run the following command:

nsxmgr> show logical-switch controller controllerID host host_IP joined-vnis
For example:
nsxmgr> show logical-switch controller controller-1 host joined-vnis
VNI      Controller      BUM-Replication ARP-Proxy Connections VTEPs     Active
5000  Enabled         Enabled   2           2         true
5004  Enabled         Enabled   2           2         true
5006  Enabled         Enabled   3           3         true
5003  Enabled         Enabled   3           3         true
5005  Enabled         Enabled   1           1         true
5007  Enabled         Enabled   3           3         true

Observe that the CDO logical switch with VNI 4999 is not available on the controller.