You can view the services effective on a security policy, including those services inherited from a parent policy.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > Security > Service Composer.
  2. Click the Security Policies tab.
  3. Click a security policy in the Name column.
  4. The Security Policy window appears:
    NSX Version Procedure
    NSX 6.4.1 and later The left navigation displays Summary, Firewall Rules, Guest Introspection Services, Network Introspection Services, and Child Policies .

    You can edit, delete, or apply policy to the security group.

    NSX 6.4.0 Go to the Manage > Information Security tab.

    Each of the three tabs (Guest Introspection Services, Firewall Rules, Network Introspection Services) displays the corresponding services for the security policy.

    Services that are not effective are greyed out. The Overridden column displays the services that are actually applied on the security policy and the Settings > General> Inherits from column displays the security policy from which services are inherited.