Uninstalling guest introspection removes a VIB from the hosts in the cluster and removes the service virtual machine from each host in the cluster. Guest Introspection is required for Identity Firewall, Endpoint Monitoring, and several third-party security solutions. Uninstalling guest introspection can have wide ranging impacts.

Caution: Before you uninstall a Guest Introspection module from a cluster, you must uninstall all third-party products that are using Guest Introspection from the hosts on that cluster. Use the instructions from the solution provider.

There is a loss of protection for VMs in the host cluster. You must vMotion the VMs out of the cluster before you uninstall.

To uninstall Guest Introspection:

  1. Navigate to Networking & Security > Installation and Upgrade > Service Deployment.
  2. Select a Guest Introspection instance and click the delete icon.
  3. Either delete now or schedule the deletion for a later time.