A subset of NSX Data Center for vSphere services are available for universal synchronization in cross-vCenter NSX. Services that are not available for universal synchronization can be configured for use local to the NSX Manager.

Table 1. Support matrix for NSX Data Center for vSphere Services in cross-vCenter NSX
NSX Data Center for vSphere Service Details Supports cross-vCenter NSX synchronization?
Logical switch Transport zone Yes
Logical switch Yes
L2 bridges No
Routing Logical (distributed) router Yes
Logical (distributed) router appliance No by design. Appliances must be created on each NSX Manager if multiple appliances are required per universal logical router. This allows for different configurations per appliance, which may be required in an environment with local egress configured.
NSX Edge services gateway No
Logical firewall Distributed firewall Yes
Exclude list No
SpoofGuard No
Flow monitoring for aggregate flows No
Network service insertion No
Edge firewall No
Logical load balancer No
Other edge services No
Service composer No
Network extensibility No
Network and security objects IP address groups (IP sets) Yes
MAC address groups (MAC sets) Yes
IP pools No
Security groups

Yes, but membership configuration differs from non-universal security groups membership. See "Create a Security Group" in the NSX Administration Guide for details.

Services Yes
Service groups Yes
Security tags Yes
Hardware Gateway (also known as Hardware VTEP) No. See "Hardware Gateway Sample Configuration" in the NSX Administration Guide for details.