You can download technical support logs for each NSX Controller instance. These product specific logs contain diagnostic information for analysis. You can also collect the support bundle data for controllers using the Support Bundle collection tool. For details, refer to NSX Administration Guide.

To collect NSX Controller logs:


  1. Navigate to Networking & Security > Installation and Upgrade > Management > NSX Controller Nodes.
  2. Select the controller for which you want to generate technical support logs.
    Caution: Generate support logs for one controller at a time. An error might occur if you try to generate support logs for multiple controllers simultaneously.
  3. Click Support Logs (Support Logs icon for 6.4.1 or Support Logs Icon in NSX 6.4.0 ).
    NSX starts collecting the technical support logs. It takes several minutes for the log files to be generated. You can click Cancel at any time to cancel the process and generate the support logs later.
  4. After the support logs are generated, click Download.
    The support logs are saved on your computer in a compressed file with the .tgz file extension.


You can now analyze the downloaded logs.

What to do next

If you want to upload diagnostic information for VMware technical support, refer to the Knowledge Base article 2070100.