The dashboard provides visibility to the overall health of NSX components in one central view. The dashboard simplifies troubleshooting by displaying status of different NSX components such as NSX Manager, controllers, logical switches, host preparation, service deployment, backup as well as edge notifications.

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.

  2. Click Networking & Security. The Dashboard > Overview page appears as your default homepage.

You can view existing system-defined widgets and the custom widgets.



System Overview

NSX Manager:

  • CPU usage

  • NSX Manager disk usage

  • Service status for database service, message bus service, and replicator service. Replication errors on the secondary NSX Manager

  • Controller synchronization status

Controller Nodes:

  • Controller node status

  • Controller peer connectivity status

  • Controller VM status (powered off/deleted)

  • Controller disk latency alerts

External Components:

  • vSphere ESX Agent Manager (EAM) service status

Firewall Publish Status

Number of hosts with Firewall Publish status as failed. Status is Red when any host does not successfully apply the published distributed firewall configuration

Logical Switch Status

Number of logical switches with status Error or Warning. Flags when the backed distributed virtual port group is deleted from vCenter Server

Service Deployment Status

  • Installation status for the failed deployments

  • Service status for all the failed services

Host Notification

Security alerts for hosts. You can see this alert when the hardware address of the DHCP client is spoofed. A possible DHCP denial-of-service (DoS) attack is happening.

Fabric Status

Host preparation status:

  • Deployment status like, clusters with installation failed status, pending upgrade, installation in-progress, and so on.

  • Firewall:

    • Number of clusters with firewall disabled

    • Status of the distributed firewall

  • VXLAN:

    • Number of clusters with VXLAN not configured

    • VXLAN status

Communication channel health status

Backup Status

Backup status for NSX Manager:

  • Backup schedule

  • Last backup status (Failed/successful/not scheduled with the date and time)

  • Last backup attempt (date and time with details)

  • Last successful backup (date and time with details)

Edge Notifications

Highlights active alarms for certain services. It monitors the list of critical events that are listed and tracks them until the problem is not resolved. Alarms are auto resolved when the recovery event is reported, or edge is force synced, redeployed, or upgraded


  • Flow Monitoring status

  • Endpoint Monitoring status

System Scale Dashboard

Shows a summary of warnings and alerts for scale. For detail listing of the parameters and scale numbers, click Details to go to the System Scale Dashboard

Custom Widget

You can view the custom widget created through API