Disk latency alerts monitors and reports disk availability or latency issues. You can view disk latency details for each NSX Controller. The read latency and write latency calculations are inputted into a 5-second (by default) moving average, which in turn is used to trigger an alert upon breaching the latency limit. The alert is turned off after the average comes down to the low watermark. By default, the high watermark is set to 200 ms, and the low watermark is set to 100 ms. High latencies impacts the operation of the distributed clustering applications on each controller node.

To view the disk latency alerts for NSX Controller, perform the following procedure:


Latency limit is reached.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security, and then click Installation and Upgrade.
  3. Under Management, go to the required controller, and click the Disk Alert link.
    The Disk Latency Alerts window appears.


You can view the latency details for the selected controller. The alert logs are stored for seven days in the cloudnet/run/iostat/iostat_alert.log file. You can use the show log cloudnet/run/iostat/iostat_alert.log command to display the log file.

What to do next

For more troubleshooting information on disk latency, refer to Disk Latency Issues.

For more information about log messages, refer to NSX Logging and System Events.