When you plan to upgrade NSX Data Center for vSphere with vSphere 7.0, follow the upgrade sequence, as mentioned in this topic.


  1. Upgrade NSX Manager appliance.
    If you are using a Cross-vCenter NSX setup, upgrade primary NSX Manager before upgrading all secondary NSX Managers.
  2. Upgrade vCenter Server.
  3. Upgrade NSX Controller cluster.
  4. Upgrade NSX host clusters.
  5. Upgrade Universal Distributed Logical Routers.
  6. Upgrade NSX Edge.
  7. Upgrade Guest Introspection.
  8. Upgrade external vCenter Single Sign-On or Platform Services Controller instance.
  9. Upgrade ESXi.
  10. Upgrade NSX host clusters and Guest Introspection again, if any upgrades appear for them after upgrading ESXi.