When you upgrade NSX Manager to NSX 6.4.1 or later, a backup is taken and saved locally as part of the upgrade process. You must contact VMware customer support to restore this backup. This automatic backup is intended as a failsafe in case the regular backup fails.

After NSX Manager is successfully upgraded, new commands are available in privileged (enable) mode to allow you to manage the backup files. You can use these commands to list, copy, or delete the backup files.

If you don't delete them, the backup files remain in place until the next upgrade. When the next upgrade is started, the backup files are deleted, and a new backup is taken.

show backup

List the backup files.
nsxmgr-01a.corp.local# show backup
total 3040
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3102752 Mar 23 01:12 backup_file
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     230 Mar 23 01:12 checksum_file

export backup

Copy the backup files to another location.
nsxmgr-01a.corp.local# export backup scp root@backup-server:/backups
backup_file                                   100% 3030KB  19.8MB/s   00:00
checksum_file                                 100%  230    27.3KB/s   00:00

delete backup

Delete the backup files. Only delete the backup if you are sure that you no longer need it.

nsxmgr-01a.corp.local# delete backup
Do you want to delete the backup files (y|N)y