The upgrade bundle contains all the files needed to upgrade the NSX Data Center for vSphere infrastructure. Before upgrading NSX Manager you will first need to download the upgrade bundle for the version you wish to upgrade to.

You can download the NSX Data Center for vSphere upgrade bundle by logging in to the VMware download website with your registered email address or customer number.


An MD5 checksum tool.


  1. Download the upgrade bundle to a location NSX Manager can browse to. The name of the upgrade bundle file has a format similar to VMware-NSX-Manager-upgrade-bundle-releaseNumber-NSXbuildNumber.tar.gz.
  2. Verify the NSX Manager upgrade filename ends with tar.gz.

    Some browsers might alter the file extension. For example if the download filename is:


    Change it to:


    Otherwise, after uploading the upgrade bundle, the following error message appears: "Invalid upgrade bundle file VMware-NSX-Manager-upgrade-bundle-6.x.x-xxxxx.gz, upgrade filename has extension tar.gz."

  3. Use an MD5 checksum tool to compare the upgrade bundle's official MD5 sum shown on the VMware website with the MD5 sum calculated by the checksum tool.
    1. In the MD5 checksum tool, browse to the upgrade bundle.
    2. Use the tool to calculate the checksum of the bundle.
    3. Paste in the checksum listed on the VMware website.
    4. Use the tool to compare the two checksums.
    If the two checksums do not match, repeat the upgrade bundle download.