You can upgrade your NSX Intelligence appliance using the NSX Intelligence CLI.


  • Download the NSX Intelligence appliance upgrade bundle (.nub) file. See Download the NSX Intelligence Appliance Upgrade Bundle.
  • Verify that there is 1.5 GB of free space in the /tmp partition and 1.5 GB of free space in the root partition in the NSX Intelligence host.


  1. Log in to your NSX Intelligence appliance using the CLI admin credentials that you had set up during the initial installation.
    $ssh admin@<NSX Intelligence IP Address> 
  2. From the NSX Intelligence command line, use the following command to copy the NSX Intelligence .nub upgrade file from where you downloaded it.
    copy url <url_to_NSX_intelligence_upgrade_nub>
    For example,
    copy url http://localserver/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
  3. Verify the upgrade bundle using the following command.
    verify upgrade-bundle upgrade_bundle_name
    Following is a sample output for the verify upgrade-bundle command.
    Checking upgrade bundle /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance- contents
    Verifying bundle VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance- with signature VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
    Moving bundle to /image/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
    Extracting bundle payload
    Successfully verified upgrade bundle
    Bundle manifest:
           appliance_type: 'nsx-intelligence-appliance'
           version: ''
           os_image_path: 'files/nsx-root.squashfs'
           os_image_md5_path: 'files/nsx-root.squashfs.md5'
    Current upgrade info:
      "info": "", 
      "body": {
        "meta": {
          "from_version": "", 
          "old_data_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-data", 
          "new_data_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-data__bak", 
          "new_os_dev": "/dev/sda3", 
          "to_version": "", 
          "new_config_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-config__bak", 
          "old_os_dev": "/dev/sda2", 
          "bundle_path": "/image/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-", 
          "old_config_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-config"
        "history": []
      "state": 1, 
      "state_text": "CMD_SUCCESS"
  4. Upgrade the NSX Intelligence appliance using the NSX Intelligence Playbook.
    start upgrade-bundle <upgrade_bundle_name> playbook <nsx_intelligence_playbook_name>
    Tip: Press Tab after entering upgrade-bundle and the <upgrade_bundle_name> is auto-filled. Press Tab after entering playbook and the <nsx_intelligence_playbook_name> is auto-populated.
    The system reboots as part of the upgrade process, as shown in the following example.
    mynsxintel> start upgrade-bundle VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance- playbook VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance- 
    Node Upgrade is in progress. Please do not make any changes, until 
    the upgrade operation is complete.
    2019-12-13 13:50:26,455 - Validating playbook /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
    2019-12-13 13:50:26,583 - Running "shutdown_pace_svc" (step 1 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:50:51,734 - Running "install_os" (step 2 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:51:55,482 - Running "retain_pace_config" (step 3 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:52:00,529 - Running "switch_os" (step 4 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:52:17,786 - 
    System will now reboot (step 5 of 7)
      "info": "", 
      "body": null, 
      "state": 1, 
      "state_text": "CMD_SUCCESS"
    Broadcast message from root@mynsxintel (Fri 2019-12-13 13:52:22 UTC):
    The system is going down for reboot at Fri 2019-12-13 13:53:22 UTC!
  5. (Optional) After the reboot process is finished, log in to the NSX Intelligence appliance console as the root user to verify the appliance upgrade status in the /var/log/resume-upgrade.log file.
    root@mynsxintel:~# cat /var/log/resume-upgrade.log 
    2019-12-13 13:53:45,798 - Resuming paused playbook /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
    2019-12-13 13:53:45,799 - Validating playbook /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-Intelligence-appliance-
    2019-12-13 13:53:45,904 - Running "start_pace_svc" (step 6 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:53:51,002 - Running "finish_upgrade" (step 7 of 7)
    2019-12-13 13:53:51,421 - Playbook finished successfully
      "info": "", 
      "body": null, 
      "state": 1, 
      "state_text": "CMD_SUCCESS"
  6. (Optional) From the NSX Intelligence appliance console, verify that the NSX Intelligence appliance version is correct and matches the version of the upgrade bundle you downloaded from the VMware download portal.
    get version
    Following is a sample output based on the examples used in earlier steps.
    mynsxintel> get version
    VMware NSX Intelligence, Version