To get started using the VMware NSX® Intelligence™ features, familiarize yourself with the NSX Intelligence user interface after you install the NSX Intelligence appliance.

NSX Intelligence provides a visualization of the security posture of your on-premises VMware NSX-T™ Data Center environment. The visualization is based on the network traffic flows aggregated within a specific time period. NSX Intelligence also assists you with micro-segmentation planning by making recommendations that are based on analytics with enforcement on security policies.

Before you can begin using the NSX Intelligence, you must first install and configure the NSX Intelligence appliance. See Installing and Upgrading VMware NSX Intelligence.

After the NSX Intelligence appliance is installed and configured, the NSX Intelligence features are enabled in the Plan & Troubleshoot tab of the NSX Manager user interface (UI). In the Discover & Plan section, you use Discover & Take Action to visualize your NSX-T data center entities and Recommendations to obtain recommendations for micro-segmentation planning.