You can collect a support bundle using the NSX Intelligence CLI.

The support bundle file contents do not include data. It includes files in the following directories.
  • /opt/vmware/*
  • /var/log/*
  • /etc/*
  • System state using journalctl and systemctl


Ensure that you have an Enterprise Administrator access to the NSX Intelligence CLI.


  1. Log in to the NSX Intelligence CLI using an account with Enterprise Administrator role privileges.
  2. Generate the support bundle.
    The command syntax is as follows, where you provide the value for support_filename.tgz.
    get support-bundle file support_filename.tgz
    For example,
    get support-bundle file support_bundle123.tgz
    When the bundle file is created successfully, you receive the messages similar to the following example.
    support_bundle123.tgz created, use the following command to transfer the file:
       copy file support_bundle123.tgz url <url>
    After transferring support_bundle123.tgz, extract it using:tar xvf support_bundle123.tgz
  3. Verify that the support bundle exists using the following command.
    get files
    You receive an output similar to the following.
    Directory of filestore:/
    -rw- 21377586 June 29 05:29:12 UTC support_bundle123.tgz