You might get the Upgrade bundle upload failed error message when you try to upgrade your NSX Intelligence appliance to a newer version that you had previously deployed successfully, but you had deleted.


If you had successfully upgraded your NSX Intelligence appliance to a newer version (for example, from an older version (for example,, but you decided to delete version to redeploy version, you might see the following error.

Upgrade bundle upload failed! Upgrade coordinator is already at target version. Cannot re-trigger UC upgrade.


The NSX Intelligence Upgrade Coordinator (UC) already has the NSX Intelligence upgrade information for the newer NSX Intelligence bundle version (for example, from the previous successful upgrade.


  1. Using SSH, log in with Enterprise Administrator privileges to an NSX Manager node.
  2. From the CLI, restart the Upgrade Coordinator using the following command.
    restart service intelligence-upgrade-coordinator
  3. After the NSX Intelligence Upgrade Coordinator is restarted successfully, try using the same NSX Intelligence upgrade bundle again to update your NSX Intelligence appliance.