The Campaign Details page on the NSX Network Detection and Response UI shows all of the available details for the campaign that you have currently selected in the Campaigns page.

You access this page by clicking a campaign's ID from the Campaigns page.

This page is divided into multiple tabs, as shown in the following image.
campaign details page. Described by surrounding text.

  • Overview - Provides a summary and graphical blueprint of the campaign that the NSX Network Detection and Response application generated.

  • Hosts - Provides a listing of the hosts affected by the campaign.

  • Timeline - Displays the events included in the campaign in chronological order.

  • History - Provides a textual history of the campaign.

  • Evidence - Displays a list of the evidence detected for the currently selected campaign.

Across the top of the campaign details page is the data from the selected campaign card. It displays the calculated threat score, the campaign name (Campaign ID), the latest attack stage, the number of affected hosts, the number of different threats, and the state of the campaign.

To return to the Campaigns page, click the left-arrow icon icon in the upper-left corner of the page, next to the campaign threat score and campaign ID.