The breakpoints feature allows the user to skip or execute any specific workflows. This allows for more flexible migration scenarios where for example bridging is not necessary or vApp migration is performed in other ways or allows for more controlled step-by-step execution of the entire migration process.

The workflows can be executed in the sequence mentioned in the following table:

Keyword Mandatory/Optional Desciption
topology Mandatory Preparation of target organization VDC, edge gateways, organization VDC networks, etc.
bridging Optional L2 bridging configuration between source and target organization VDC networks.
services Optional N/S switch over and configuration of networking services.
movevapp Optional Workload vApp/VM Migration.


Skip feature allows to skip one or more workflows (usage: '-s' or '--skip')

Use case:

  • Breakpoint allows the user to skip vApp migration. In this scenario, workload migrations can be performed manually using external tools such as VMware Cloud Director Availability (VCDA) or APIs.
  • One could decide to skip bridging as the number of networks to bridge is above the maximum of 128.
Command Desciption
-s bridging It skips the bridging and executes the remaining workflow's topology, services, and movevApp.
--skip services,movevapp It skips the services and movevapp workflows. It will execute the topology and bridging.


This feature allows the user to execute only the specified workflow (Usage: '-e' or '--execute')

Command Desciption
-e topology It will execute only the topology replication workflow.
--execute bridging,services It will execute the topology replication, L2 bridging, and service configuration workflow.

The workflow for Topology Replication (topology) will be mandatorily executed even if not specified in the command.

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