Supported Features and Edge Gateway Services

This section lists the features and edge gateway services supported by NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director.

Supported Features

The NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director supports several features.

  • Compute policies including VM placement and VM sizing policy
  • Storage policies
  • Catalog migration from organization VDC backed by NSX Data Center for vSphere to organization VDC backed by NSX-T Data Center. The catalog migration also includes the migration of vApp templates and media.
  • Standalone VMs
  • VM with connected media
  • VMs with snapshots
  • Affinity and anti-affinity rules
  • Direct (connected to external networks backed by a VLAN port group), routed (including distributed), and isolated organization VDC networks
  • Shared organization VDC networks
  • Independent (named) disks
  • Disk Level Storage Policy
  • Fast provisioned VMs and vApps
  • DHCP services support on isolated vApp networks
  • DHCP services support the organization VDC networks (direct, isolated, and routed) n Dual stack (IPv4/IPv6 on the same vNIC) routed organization VDC networks
  • Distributed firewall including static and dynamic group
  • Routed vApp networks
  • Non-Latin characters in the component’s name or description

Supported Edge Gateway Services

The NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director tool supports the following edge gateway services:

  • Following source and destination user-defined firewall rules objects are supported:
    • IP
    • IPSET
    • Routed organization VDC networks
  • NAT44 rules
  • BGP routing via a dedicated external network (Tier-0 or VRF gateway)

    Note BGP is not supported if Edge Gateway is not connected to a dedicated Tier-0/VRF.

  • Policy-based IPSEC VPN with supported parameters for IPSEC with Pre-shared key or certificate based authentication
  • IPSET in grouping objects
  • DNS forwarding

    Note The DNS listener IP address will change after the migration. The new IP address will be updated in the organization's VDC network configuration but will not be applied in the guest operating system of already deployed VMs.

  • Load balancing:
    • Supported Algorithms: round-robin and least connection
    • Supported Persistences: cookie and source IP
  • DHCP relay
  • DHCP static binding
  • Edge Gateway Rate Limits
  • Support for Org VDC networks that are not distributed but routed via SR.
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