Performance and Scale Considerations

The table shows the number of vApp/s migrated per vApp migration. These scenarios were tested with vSphere 7.0 U3e, NSXV 6.4.13, and VMware Cloud Director 10.4

Number of vApp Number of VM in each vApp Per vApp Size Thread count in User YAML Per vApp migration Timoue in User YAML (seconds) Comments
1 1 33 GB 1 300 With Storage vMotion
1 4 132 GB 1 500 With Storage vMotion
2 10 330 GB 2 1800 With Storage vMotion
5 20 660 GB 5 9000 With Storage vMotion
5 20 660 GB 5 3000 Without Storage vMotion
  • The total time for vApp migration depends on your vMotion network latency and bandwidth.
  • If the time out for the migration is less than the vApp migration time, the NSX migration for the VMware Cloud Director tool fails and exits.
    • If the migration tool exits and VM is migrating on the vCenter Server, update the time out in the UserInput.yaml file. You can start the migration of the remaining VMs from the same point after the VM migrated.
  • The maximum number of networks bridged during a single migration is dependent on the maximum number of NSX-T bridging edge profiles (from NSX-T Configuration Maximum at VMware Configuration Maximums.
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